Decorating Tips for Selling During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and while it would be easy to think this isn’t the ideal time to list a house for sale in the Raleigh area, it’s time to debunk that myth. The entire Triangle area is still a very active real estate market and potential buyers haven’t stopped scheduling showing appointments or attending open houses. In fact, buyers who are taking a break from celebrating the season are just as serious about purchasing a home, so you need to make sure you deck the halls in a way that will be appealing to everyone who visits your listing this holiday season!

The Inside

Less is always more when it comes to staging your home listed for sale.
Too many decorations can be distracting and overwhelm potential buyers, however, this does not mean that decorations are completely off limits. Opt for warm lights, color accents, and just a hint of glitter which can make a home feel cheerful if done in a tasteful way. Remember, a potential buyer needs to be able to see themselvesĀ celebrating the holidays in this home.
Make sure you thoroughly clean your house before putting up any decorations. If your house is already filled with clutter, the decorations are only going to make it worse.
Personalized stockings, handmade ornaments, religious tokens and symbols, and holiday cards may need to stay in the box for this year’s celebration. It is important for the house to appeal to a number of buyers, so the seller’s personal life should not be prominently displayed. This is a good rule of thumb year-round, but especially pertinent when listing a house for sale during the holidays.
Make sure your decorations match your current decor and use them to accentuate the positives. For example, if you have a nice arched doorway, highlight it by hanging mistletoe or other festive, seasonal decor. Make sure your decorations do not take away from key features: don’t clutter your fantastic fireplace (still a “must-have” on many buyer wishlists) with too many stockings or figurines.
Opt for classic decorations such as wreaths and don’t overdo it with the lights. Hanging simple white lights can be festive without being blinding.

The Tree

Trees can be tricky when trying to sell your home. When it comes to tree size, having a tall tree can highlight how high your fantastic tall ceilings are, however, you want to make sure the base of the tree does not take up too much floor space. If you do not have a great room to showcase the tree, it may be better to skip it or opt for a table-top version that does take up too much floor space. As with the rest of the house, leave out personal or handmade ornaments and keep it simple.

The Outside

Curb appeal is especially important during the holidays. If the rest of the houses in your neighborhood decorate, you may want to make sure your house has some flare as well. If no one else decorates, it may be best to follow suit.
No matter what, skip the inflatables and go easy on the lights. Though you may think it is fun and festive, others may find it overwhelming.

Happy Holidays

To sum it up, decorations can be a great tool for selling your home if done correctly. Keep them tasteful and minimal and as always, talk to your Pointe Realty Group REALTORĀ® about the best way to stage your home for any time of year.

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