Goodbye Summer, Hello Lake Gaston Ownership

Ah, summer’s coming to a close. You’ve enjoyed your time at Lake Gaston, and now you want to purchase a lake home of your own. But where do you start? Ready to buy at the lake? We have you covered!

Lake Gaston Layout

Lake Gaston is on the Virginia/North Carolina border spanning 34 miles and covering five counties which include Mecklenburg and Brunswick in Virginia and Warren, Halifax, and Northampton in North Carolina. The lake boasts more than 350 miles of beautiful shoreline and is well stocked with game fish including striped bass, largemouth bass, crappie, sunfish, and several varieties of catfish. The average depth of the lake is 40 feet and the max depth is 95 feet. The far west end of the take tends to be the most shallow.

Lake Gaston has more than 20,000 surface acres that include the main body of the lake and its 20 coves that branch off of it. The main body of the lake is 1.3 miles across at its widest point. The coves feed into the main body and all are accessible by boat.

When you hear locals refer to where they live on Lake Gaston, many may say a certain quadrant such as NW, SW, NE, SE. The Eaton Ferry Bridge is the mid-point of the lake and the site of several local events, including The Crossing each August and the Big Air Water Sports Fair each June that features local, regional, and national watersports talents. The bridge is over a mile long and runs north to south.

Lake Gaston was created some 50 years ago as a hydroelectric power source and is owned by Dominion Power. Dominion regulates building along the shoreline and lake water levels. The controlled water levels and shoreline regulations create one of the BEST lake experiences around.

By Boat > By Land

Pointe Realty Group Lake Gaston - Partner and Agent Randall RobinsonI don’t know about you, but we prefer to see the lake by boat rather than by land. There is nothing like being out on the water on a gorgeous, Lake Gaston day.

“House hunting by boat gives you a chance to see what lake life is really all about,” says Pointe Realty Group Lake Gaston broker Randall Robinson, “it is the only way to really see what it is like to call Lake Gaston home.” Randall continues, “when you are on the lake, it is easier to get an idea of where you want to buy, what cove you want to be in, how deep the water is, and just an all around better feel of what life is like on Lake Gaston.”

Randall’s suggestion for house hunting at the lake is to “drive to the addresses of properties you may consider purchasing to get a feel for what your commute would look like and the general accessibility via vehicle. Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a few key listings you’re ready to seriously consider putting an offer on, visit them by boat to get a sense of what lake life is like from that location.”

Ready to Buy at the Lake?

Lake Gaston is a unique home market full of bridges and culverts. You need to know the differences along with the pluses and minuses of these structures. Do you want (or need) to be closer to I-95 or I-85? Do you want to be in a subdivision or in a more secluded location? The main lake or in a cove? Are you looking for a full-time home or a weekend retreat? If you’re bringing a boat to your home, you need to know the water depth. This is where we come in!

Whether you are looking for an investment property, a weekend retreat, or your main residence, Pointe Realty Group is here to help! Contact our Lake Gaston Office at 252-586-1150 to start your search and go ahead and start viewing available listings right here on our website.

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