Trick or Treat – A Guide to Not Spooking Buyers Around Halloween

It’s almost time for everyone’s favorite scary holiday! If you are selling your house right now, you may be trying to decide whether to give guests a ghostly greeting or skip the holiday altogether. Don’t count this sugar-filled holiday out just yet, we are here to help you sell your house… while getting to participate in all the festivities.Ā šŸŽƒ

Skip the Horror – Highlight the Season

Everyone lovesĀ a good horror movie this time of year, however, if your house looks like a sceneĀ from one, it can make it hard for potential buyers to envision themselvesĀ living in your home. Instead of hanging up your scary Halloween decorations, put up seasonal decorations. Bright leaves, pumpkins, gourds, corn cobs, wreaths, and “Happy Fall” door hangers are a few examples. If you can’t celebrate the holiday without the fright – save the decor for October 31 on the dot.

A few items to save for the haunted house:

  • Clowns
  • Spiders
  • Anything with blood, guts, or gore
  • Ghosts
  • Headless people
  • Characters from horror films
  • Anything that could potentially do damage to your house

Put Those Pumpkins to Rest

Earlier we mentioned that pumpkins are on the OK list but we need to specify – if you are going to use perishableĀ decorations – make sure they are fresh! When people enter your front door, they do not want to see pumpkins (or any produce for that matter) that are past their prime.

Trick or Treat for Potential Buyers

Planning to hand out candy? Consider attaching a small card or flier onto the pieces of candy. Parents will usually go through their children’s treats to make sure it is all safe, and will probably enjoy some themselves. You could also hand out water bottles in koozies or other swag to parents that are with their children. Chaperones love goodies, too!

Host a Halloween-Themed Open House

What’s more fun than a Halloween party?! Host your soiree the weekend before the holiday to bring in buyers and get them in the holiday spirit. You can turn the decorating up a little more on this night and hand out Halloween cookies and treats. Another idea is to host a costume contest for a prize. Have people sign up for the contest and this way the agent will be able to communicate with them after the event. The prize could be a gift card to somewhere local or walking distance to showcase what is nearby.

We are Here to Help

Considering selling your home, need help getting it ready, or have it on the market and would like more guidance on how to sell the property around this time of year, our agents are ready to help!

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