Get to Know Our Team: Claudio Acevedo

We have added some new members to the Pointe Realty Group team and we cannot wait for you to meet them! Today, we are introducing one of our Raleigh teammates – Claudio Acevedo.

Meet Claudio

Claudio Acevedo - Realtor - Pointe Realty Group

Claudio has been in real estate in the Triangle since August 2015 but in just three years, he has sold over 70 homes! In 2018 he was the #1 agent at his previous firm.

Personal Life

Claudio is from the Dominican Republic and has been in Raleigh since November 2012. He is fluent in Spanish and 85% of his past clients have been bilingual. Claudio lives in North Raleigh with his wife, Slavia, his two children, Nehemias who is two years old and Arnano who is six, and their dog. In the little free time Claudio has he loves going to church with his family, fishing, and going to the many parks the Triangle has to offer. His favorite park is White Deer Park in Garner. Claudio is still on the hunt for his favorite fishing hole if you have any suggestions. 😉 Check out the photos below of Claudio enjoying nature with his family.

Owning vs. Renting

Claudio’s background is in economics which has helped him truly understand not only the long-term benefits of owning a home but also the emotional aspect of pulling the trigger on a purchase that is this big and this important. Claudio strives to provide a safe environment to work through the home buying process with you and is there to help you with the tough questions and even a little tough love. Claudio allows you the time to make the right decision but he is also not afraid to give you a little push if he knows it will help you get your dream home within your means.

No deal for Claudio is too small. “I treat $100,000 like it is a million dollar purchase,” Claudio says. What he enjoys most about real estate is not the houses – he enjoys participating in the miraculous process of assisting families and individuals to make the right choice with the resources they have. Sometimes there is little time to know each other prior to visiting the first home for sale or putting your home on the market, however, by the time Claudio’s clients go under contract, they have always told him that they realized that he wants their success first.

Though Claudio calls North Raleigh home, he has had a lot of success buying and selling homes out in the country. Claudio loves to be around nature and jumps at the chance to find you a home inside or outside the city limits.

Claudio cannot wait to meet you and get your Triangle home search started today.

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