Prepare for the Next Big Freeze

Friday, December 21, is the first day of winter but we have already had snow! Make sure your home is prepared for more cold weather to come with these tips.

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter Weather

There are a couple of easy things you can do right away to protect your home from the harsh weather. Start with cleaning your gutters. Clear gutters help drain the water away which will help keep them from freezing. If your gutters are blocked, it can allow melting ice and snow to seep into your roof.

Another quick fix is to invest in weather stripping. Weather strips keep warm air in and cold air out. You can pick them up at almost any hardware store and install them around windows and doors to prevent air leaks.

While you are at the hardware store, you should purchase a roof rake. It can be used to easily clear snow off your roof.

Next up, it is time to trim the tree and we are not talking about your Christmas tree. If there are long tree branches hanging near your house, your roof, or your gutters, you need to prune them before it gets too cold. Branches can easily break due to the pressure of snow and ice.

Make sure you have all the basics you need in case the power were to go out or you are not able to drive for a few days. This includes milk, bread, batteries, flashlights, and duct tape. Going to the store right before a blizzard hits can leave you waiting in long lines or even having to go without. Stock up ahead of time to avoid the mess.

Frozen pipes can be a big hit to your wallet so it is important to protect them. When you leave your home, it is ok to turn the heat down some but do not turn it down too much. Though you are not there to enjoy the heat, your pipes need it so they will not freeze. Another way to protect the pipes is by letting your faucets drip during serious cold snaps. If your pipes do freeze, and water stops flowing from faucets, call a plumber immediately!






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